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Wire Transfers

If you need to make a wire transfer for an upcoming purchase or just need to send funds somewhere, count on ProGrowth Bank to make the process simple and easy.

For larger purchases or an international purchase, a ProGrowth Bank wire transfer may be required. With ProGrowth Bank, sending or receiving funds for home purchases or commercial real estate or international transactions can be made from your savings, checking or money market account.

Incoming and Outgoing Wires

Contact your local ProGrowth Bank branch or call 1-888-244-3490 to arrange for a secure wire transfer.

For outgoing wires, please provide:

  • Beneficiary’s information (name, address with city/state/zip, and the receiving account number)
  • The receiving financial institution’s information (name, branch address with city/state/zip/country, ABA Routing # or Bank ID/National ID and/or SWIFT)
  • Additional information may be necessary depending on the specific situation

For fee information related to ProGrowth Bank wire services, please review the current Service Fee Schedule.