Debit Cards

Debit Cards
The purchase power you need and the rewards you want. A ProGrowth Bank Debit Card puts it all right in the palm of your hands!

The ProGrowth Bank Debit Card makes using your ProGrowth Bank checking account easier and more convenient than ever. It not only gives you quick and convenient access to cash at thousands of surcharge-free ATMs, it also allows you to make purchases wherever you see the familiar Mastercard® logo. It's not a credit card, but it's just as easy to use. The money from your ProGrowth Bank Debit Card purchase comes directly out of your checking account.
Earn uChoose Rewards® every time you use your debit card. Your rewards points can be converted to cash or other great rewards.
The ProGrowth Bank Debit Card also gives you the convenience of coast-to-coast surcharge-free ATMs with the MoneyPass® Network!
You’ll have access to more surcharge-free ATMs than ever before. The MoneyPass ATM Network is an ever-growing network of ATMs with more than 16,000 locations coast-to-coast. And each and every one is surcharge-free. That’s precisely the benefit of the MoneyPass ATM Network and why ProGrowth Bank participates in MoneyPass.

Finding the MoneyPass ATM location nearest to you is easy:

Simply visit to access the MoneyPass ATM locator and the most convenient ATMs. If you have a ProGrowth Bank Debit Card, you’re ready to go. If you don’t, apply for one today!
  • The ProGrowth Bank Debit Card gives convenient, around-the-clock access to your account at thousands of ATMs worldwide.
  • Surcharge-free ATMs wherever you see the MoneyPass logo.
  • View your most-up-to-date account balance with each ATM transaction.
  • Transactions will post to your account almost immediately.
  • Easy record keeping. Your purchases are detailed on your monthly checking account statement.

How to Apply

Visit a ProGrowth Bank branch location or call 1-888-244-3490.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, contact ProGrowth Bank immediately at 1-888-244-3490 or after hours: 1-800-472-3272.

Frequently Asked Questions for ProGrowth Bank Debit Cards

Q: How do I find an ATM in the area to use without getting a surcharge?
A: There are many ATMs available for you to use besides ours. Look for an ATM with a MoneyPass logo. Refer to the complete list on website. Here are just a couple:
  • US Bank – two locations in Mankato
  • First National Bank Minnesota – Gaylord, St Peter, Mankato
  • Jerry’s Home Quality Foods – Gaylord
  • Alliance Bank – New Ulm
  • Klein Bank – south Twin City metro, Chaska, Victoria, Waconia, Lakeville

Q: What number do I call to activate my card?
A: 1-800-992-3808.
Q: How do I know what my cash and purchase limits are?
A: Call your branch or the Help Center at 1-888-244-3490 and we will give you that information.
Q: How can I change my PIN?
A: Call 1-800-992-3808.
Q: Can I transfer money from any one of my accounts to another at an ATM?
A: Yes.
Q: Can I see my account balance at an ATM?
A: Yes, balances are available at ATMs… but that also means that they can only withdraw or make purchases on money that is currently in your account.
Q: How many accounts can be tied to my Debit Card?
A: Six; Primary Checking and Savings, Secondary Checking and Savings, Line of Credit, Ready Reserve

ProGrowth Debit Card Holds and Pre-Authorizations

When you use your ProGrowth Debit Card, authorization is needed before they will accept it for payment. Once the transaction is approved, the balance in your checking account is reduced or “blocked” by the amount of the purchase. This is known as a pre-authorization hold. The merchant determines the hold amount. Typically the hold stays on your account until funds are transferred to the merchant, often 3-4 days. If you look at your account online it shows as a pending transaction.


Pre-authorization holds

In the first example, the merchant is only holding $1.00 of the total purchase. Some merchants will hold $50 or $100 depending on what is being purchased.
In the second example, the merchant is holding funds for the entire purchase.

How do pre-authorizations work?

In a few situations, the dollar amount of the transaction is unknown when an approval is given. This may happen when you check into a hotel room, rent a car1, pay for gas at the pump or use your debit card to pay for your meal at a restaurant. In each of these transactions, the merchant may get approval for a higher (estimated) amount – allowing for a tip, room service, additional or higher purchase amounts.
Let’s say you have $60 in your account when you use your debit card to pay for gas at the pump. Since the purchase amount is unknown when you insert your card, the merchant requests an authorization for $50. The authorization causes a hold to be placed on your account for $50 and your available balance is reduced to $10. If you only purchased $20 in gas, you may believe you have $40 available in your account. Unless you understand how a pre-authorization hold affects your account, your debit card could be declined on any future transactions attempted while the pre-authorization hold is in place. If checks or other transactions are processed before the hold is released you may overdraw your account and incur overdraft fees.

Want to know about pre-authorizations? Just ask!

When you use your ProGrowth Debit Card in a situation where the merchant may estimate the charge (hotels, car rental1, gas at the pump, restaurants, etc) use the following tips:
  • When a business asks for your card in advance of service – ask if they will initiate a pre-authorization hold, the amount of the hold and how the amount is determined. These questions will help ensure the hold will not exceed your account balance.
  • Pay the charges with the same card you used when initiating the transaction. Ask the clerk when the hold will be removed.

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