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Merchant Deposit Capture

ProGrowth Bank has the services to help make your business banking easier and more efficient. Merchant Deposit Capture is a perfect example!

Merchant Deposit Capture from ProGrowth Bank can help businesses save time, effort and money. Capture money orders, consumer checks, cashier’s checks and commercial checks electronically with a secure, accountable check processing system. Centralize your check processing in one place with ProGrowth Bank Merchant Deposit Capture.

ProGrowth Bank Merchant Deposit Capture features & benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Receive funds faster
  • No need to purchase, install or maintain software
  • Improves efficiency and profitability

How to Enroll

Let ProGrowth Bank bring the bank to you!

Visit a ProGrowth Bank branch location or call 1-888-244-3490.